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I can receive photos but the camera doesn’t respond to commands

Are you having an issue with a camera that doesn’t respond to commands? Check that the phone number is present on the app. Tap the 3 dot, 3 line menu icon and open Camera Settings. The phone number can be located under Wireless Settings. You can also update the phone number here. This is not your phone number, it is the phone number issued by JAGER PRO that is assigned to your active SIM card. If you don’t know the correct phone number or it is not present, check your emails from JAGER PRO, or contact support.

Ensure the phone number is correct, this usually occurs when a payment fails or subscription is renewed and a new phone number is issued. Check your email for the updated phone number.

May have dashes in phone number. Under Wireless Settings, ensure no dashes or special characters are in the phone number (706) 555-1234. It should only be the 10 digit phone numbers 7065551234, no 1 before the number.

When requesting a photo through the app, ensure your messaging opens and the cameras phone number populates in the ‘To’ section. It will also have *500# (Take Photo Now command) in the message body. If it isn’t present, check the information from above.

Ensure Realtime control is turned on. On the camera, turn it onto setup, press menu, scroll over to wireless. Ensure Send Mode is on Instant and that Realtime is ON. On the mobile app, ensure Send Photos is turned on, this is the same as Realtime on the camera. If this is turned off, the camera won’t respond to commands.

Try sending a direct SMS message to the camera. If you sent the take photo command from the app, it should have already opened your messaging, if not, then it could be a setting issue. Open your messaging, type in the phone number you are sending to, in the message line, type in the *500# code and tap send. This bypasses the app and prevents duplicate messages being sent.

Conduct the Module Command Update through the cameras menu options Menu > Wireless Menu > Diagnostics > Module Command Update. Password is required (123456). Allow the camera time to complete the process, this can be upwards of 48 hours on occasions.

Ensure the firmware is up-to-date, sometimes, outdated firmware will cause the camera from not responding to commands.

When in doubt, contact support for additional assistance.


Last Update: 05.23.2024  

02.12.2020  Camera Troubleshooting

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