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Formatting SD card

Our new 4G/4P cameras read/write speed is much faster than the older models, which requires a faster SD card. Ensure you are using a Class 10, 32GB or less SD card. Formatting SD card should resolve the issue.

Please watch the video.

You can check this yourself by opening your app, tap on the battery/signal icon to open the status report and check for the last update, review the ‘Status As Of’ date and time. If it is showing a recent time within the past several hours but have not received a photo in over 24 hours, then you know the camera is still operational but unable to send out a photo. You can request a report by tapping the 3 dot, 3 line menu icon and request report. If it updates, then this is most likely the problem.

Our newest model cameras will have an option on the status report page to Format SD card. Tap on ‘Format’ to format the SD card. This process may take some time to complete, the camera will send a photo with an ‘F’ code once it has completed successfully. If you don’t receive a photo within 10 minutes, request an additional status report to force the camera to update the information. The format option is only available on our newer 4P model cameras. If you don’t have this option available, or the Format option doesn’t work wirelessly, then you will need to manually format the SD card.

To format manually, turn the camera on to setup, press menu, right arrow two times to System, down arrow four times to Format and press OK, left arrow to Yes and press OK. Once it finishes, press menu twice back to the live preview screen. Below the Menu button is a playback button, press and release this button and it should say “No Image”. If you see a recent photo, then the format option didn’t work and you will need to format again, or use a different SD card. If it say’s “No Image”, then the format was successful, press and release the playback button again to return to the live preview screen.

Once you get signal, conduct a test photo by pressing the OK button, the camera will take a photo and ask you if you want to send it. Press OK again to send the photo. You can press Menu if you don’t want to send the test photo. If you didn’t check the playback option and it didn’t format properly, any attempt to send a test photo will lock up the camera and will need to be powered off and the process repeated.

If you have a bad SD card, it will state that it is a bad SD card or when you attempt a test photo, the camera will lock up.

If your cameras response speed is slowing down, formatting SD card will free up the space and make it run at optimal speed.

Last Update: 01.19.2024  

11.02.2020  Camera Troubleshooting

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