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Our 4G/LTE M.I.N.E.® cellular camera transmits a motion activated image from a trap enclosure to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Users then access real time video monitoring through the JAGER PRO® mobile app to observe the trap site. Pressing the “Close Gate” button transmits an immediate wireless trigger for whole sounder captures. The M.I.N.E.® Camera is the only wireless digital camera capable of remotely triggering both our M.I.N.E.® Gate and M.I.N.E.® Feeder.


I.C.E .® Camera

Our 4G/LTE I .C.E.® cellular camera is a next generation scouting tool for Hog Control Operators™, hunters, trappers or researchers by transmitting a motion activated or time lapsed image from a bait site to your smartphone, tablet or computer. The I.C.E.® camera provides real time intelligence for making performance based decisions within seconds, instead of waiting hours or days to view images from an SD card. I.C.E.® is a JAGER PRO® registered trademark.


Activation and service is required on all cellular camera’s. Both JAGER PRO® camera models are available on either the Verizon (CDMA) or AT&T (GSM) networks.

Mobile App

Both camera models are compatible with the JAGER PRO® wireless web portal and mobile app, allowing users to control camera functions, photos and information using their smartphone . Our mobile app allows users to communicate with both camera models to change camera settings, change trigger settings, change system settings, change wireless settings, schedule events, view battery charge, view cellular signal strength, send status report and review real time images.

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