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Connection Issues

If you are having connection issues, ensure the antenna is fully inserted and not broken. If you are using a paddle antenna and it spins, the wire connection can come loose and lose connection, try using a different antenna from another camera to see if the signal changes. If you have low signal, employ a booster antenna. Here is more information about antennas.

Ensure the SIM card is present and fully inserted. You can clean off the SIM card using a pencil eraser. Remove the SIM card by pushing it in, it is spring activated and will pop out. Once removed, be careful not to drop or damage it, gently clean off the brass portion using a pencil eraser. Blow off the excess residue and re-insert the SIM card back into the camera. If you are in the field, just pop it in and out a few times to scrape the contacts. If you have another camera, try using the SIM card from it to see if anything changes.

If you have an AT&T camera, a connection issue might be due to the Access Point Name (APN) settings on the camera. If you have a texting camera, you would need to ensure the APN settings are set to APNBR (broadband). Most of the time, the camera will search for 2-3 minutes before getting an error message that the SIM card is bad or that the actual APN settings are incorrect. The camera needs to have signal before you can change these settings, once you receive the error message, press OK, if the camera gets signal bars, then move onto the next step, if no signal, then you will need to contact support. Press menu, left arrow one time to the wireless menu, down arrow to diagnostics and press OK. Down arrow and highlight APN settings and press OK, the password is “123456”. Once you are here, left or right arrow until you find APNBR, if it’s already on APNBR, left or right arrow one time then go back to APNBR. Press OK to confirm, then Menu to exit and save. Ensure it configures the APN settings, then power cycle the camera, this should get it going again. If you are using a LV camera and it won’t find the network, go to the wireless settings > APN settings. You will need to type in the word “broadband”. This should resolve AT&T connection issues.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, contact support for additional assistance.

Last Update: 01.18.2024  

02.12.2020  Camera Troubleshooting

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