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Tactical Boar Shooting

Thermal Shooting Operations

Thermal shooting operations are absolutely necessary when removing the most intelligent adults from a property. Experienced Hog Control Operators™ must continually change their process and products to target adaptive survivors, if they expect to remove every intelligent adult from a property. Selecting the most effective thermal shooting operation at seasonal bait sources is critical to the success of an Integrated Wild Pig Control® program.


JAGER PRO® personnel prefer 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) for thermal shooting operations. Semi automatic rifles (or modern sporting rifles) have the magazine capacity to quickly engage multiple targets with less recoil and less muzzle jump than a bolt action rifle. It is important to insert a magazine into a semi automatic rifle and load one round into the chamber from the observation point for noise discipline.


We prefer 178 grain Hornady ELD X bullets for their controlled expansion throughout the penetration path. The thick shank of the jacket and high InterLock™ ring keep the core and jacket together providing 50 60% weight retention. Hornady ELD X bullets create sufficient wound channels on small, medium and large wild pigs to ensure quick, clean kills within the entire sounder.


Team leaders use a 640 x 480 resolution thermal monocular with 17um pixel pitch to detect targets out to 2,000 yards, then lead shooters single file at sling arms for safety. The Pulsar Helion XP50 has a magnification range from 2.5 to 20 with a digital zoom of 2X, 4X and 8X through a 42 mm diameter objective lens.


Shooters identify targets using 640 x 480 resolution thermal scopes with 17um pixel pitch, then shoot feral pigs in designated sectors of fire. The Pulsar Trail LRF features an integrated laser rangefinder capable of capturing and displaying target distances accurately, within 1 m, up to 1000 meters. This optic has a magnification range from 1.6 to 12.8 with a digital zoom of 2X, 4X and 8X through a 42 mm diameter objective lens.


There are numerous benefits associated with using suppressors including reduced noise pollution, reduced recoil, reduced muzzle blast, reduced hearing damage and increased accuracy. Engaging targets at night using suppressed rifles allows Hog Control Operators™ to quietly dispatch feral pigs and remove them under the cover of darkness without disturbing neighbors, nearby livestock or native wildlife.


Tripods are the perfect shooting accessory to improve stability and enhance accuracy. Weighing in at just 3.5 pounds, this tripod is crafted of a lightweight carbon fiber composite and boasts an adjustable, pivoting grip design to accommodate either a tapered or straight gun stock forend. A tripod provides a smooth 360 pan, 109 tilt and built to handle harsh environments.


Our preferred choice for ultra quiet transportation at night is an electric utility task vehicle (UTV) with a 1,500 pound towing capacity. The 25 inch Carlisle tires, steel wheels and nine inch MacPherson struts provide 10 inches of ground clearance. The wheel base is the perfect width to drive between freshly planted corn and peanut rows while performing thermal shooting operations on agricultural properties.


The 20 cubic foot polyethylene bed boasts a load capacity of 1,500 pounds and the industry’s strongest molded trailer body with two I beam rails molded into the frame for strength. Standard two inch ball coupler for towing behind an ATV or UTV. High clearance axle supports two 18" x 9.5" high floatation turf tires with a four bolt hub assembly and greaseable high speed roller bearings.

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