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By purchasing a wireless subscription for your M.I.N.E.® or I.C.E.® camera(s), you will have the option to register the product warranty in order to receive the latest firmware updates for registered devices. Updates are necessary to ensure equipment operates efficiently as wireless technology with network providers change.

Wireless subscriptions cost $55 monthly for Live Video, $25 monthly for M.I.N.E.® cameras and $15 monthly for I.C.E.® cameras and can be cancelled at any time. Each subscription you add will auto-populate in the cart below prior to checkout. Multiple camera subscriptions can be purchased on a single order. JAGER PRO® will automatically debit your designated bank or credit card account every month for the total subscription amount due.

Users may also convert their current texting plan to Data. Please contact your local Authorized Dealer for details.

To locate your camera model, open your camera housing and look above the LCD screen for a silver sticker, the camera model will show you if it is either a Verizon Wireless (VZW) or AT&T (ATT) model, if it is a M.I.N.E.® (-MINE) or I.C.E.® (-ICE) camera and whether it is a 3G (-1) or 4G (-4) device. M.I.N.E.® cameras are OD green, I.C.E.® cameras have a camouflaged face. See the example below of a Verizon M.I.N.E.® 4G camera.

Cameras are limited to 250MB of data usage, 250MB is equal to about 5,000 Normal (640×480) thumbnail size photos per month or about 1,200 Large (1280×960) thumbnail size photos per month. JAGER PRO® will assess a $5 overage charge to your account during the next billing period if you exceed this limit.

Most overages occur when using the Large (1280×960) thumbnail size. It is best to adjust these settings accordingly if you don’t want to be assessed the overage charge, even changing it to the Normal (640×480) thumbnail size for 1 week could keep you under this limit.

**Subscriptions are not contract based and may be deactivated/reactivated individually from your account dashboard.

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