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How are Night Vision Generations defined?

Night Vision Generation 1

Typically uses an S-20 photocathode and electron acceleration to achieve gain. Night vision generation 1 devices perform best when ambient light (moonlight or starlight) or sufficient IR illumination is available. Geometric distortion (fish-eye effect) is inherent in all Gen 1 devices. Life span of a Gen 1 tube (image intensifier) is approximately 1500 hours of continuous operation.

Night Vision Generation 2

Usually uses an S-25 (extended red of the electromagnetic spectrum) photocathode plus a microchannel plate to achieve gain. Night vision generation 2 devices provide better than-satisfactory performance at low light levels and exhibit very low distortion. Life span of a Gen 2 tube is approximately 2500-3000 hours of continuous operation.

Night Vision Generation 3

The most advanced level of night vision technology, night vision generation 3 devices use gallium-arsenide for the photocathode near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum) and a micro-channel plate for gain. The microchannel plate is also coated with an ion barrier film to prolong tube life. Gen 3 provides very good-to-excellent performance in extreme low light levels. Recent Military Specification quality tubes have no perceptible distortion. Life span of a Gen 3 tube is 10,000+ hours of continuous operation.

At the present US Armed forces are issued Night Vision Devices with expanded sensitivities in the deep IR range. On a limited basis, these technologies are beginning to become available commercially for civilians.

JAGER PRO has access to this equipment to introduce infrared technology into the hog control and shooting industry.

Important JAGER PRO Product Note:

Manufacturer data sheets which guarantee a minimum resolution of 64 lp/mm are included with JAGER PRO night vision devices configured with Gen 3 US SELECT “A” image intensifiers.

Last Update: 04.01.2020  

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