Please register your JAGER PRO®, INC. wireless cameras and M.I.N.E.® Gate control boxes so we may provide appropriate firmware updates. These updates are necessary to ensure your equipment operates efficiently as wireless technology with network providers change. The information you provide will remain confidential to our company and will NOT be shared with any other parties.

To find the IMEI number from your AT&T camera, turn the camera on to setup, press menu, right arrow two times to system. Down arrow seven times to information, press OK. If the IMEI number has not auto populated, press menu one time and wait for the camera to beep 3 times. If it still doesn’t populate, it will need an activated SIM card inserted in order to populate properly. Use the same process to find the MEID number for your Verizon camera, the same number should be on a sticker inside your camera wall. The serial number can be found on a sticker on top of your camera.

**Multiple cameras and control boxes may be registered on a single submission.