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Camera Settings

camera settingsAll of a sudden one day you start receiving picture after picture from your M.I.N.E. camera. After doing a review of the most recent photo’s, you see several birds that are flying around inside your feeder location. They don’t seem to want to leave your bait site yet you also don’t want to continue receiving photos of these birds frolicking around your area.

JAGER PRO Wireless Mobile App

mobile app camera settingsWhat options do you have? Your first thought is to be able to turn the camera off, you quickly open up your mobile app and look under the camera settings options for your camera, and there it is under Wireless Settings, “Send Photos”! You think to yourself, this is too easy, let me turn that one off so that my camera will stop sending photos of these birds flying around in my area. You quickly turn it to off and then click on “Update Camera Settings”. Awesome, no more photos!

Now that we have turned this function off, what is happening? The camera is still taking photos of these birds flying around and saving them to your SD card, this is taking up space on your SD card and draining the batteries with each photo, the camera only stopped sending them to you. Later on that evening, it’s getting late and you are now used to seeing that sounder you have been tracking for a few days on a regular basis and now, you get nothing. What happened? Then it hits you, I turned it off earlier, you quickly go in and change “Send Photos” back to ON.

Choosing this specific action while quickly stops sending photos to you, continues to drain the battery, continues saving photos and if forgotten, could lose the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Start Stop FunctionA more preferred option is to set the Start/Stop function. Once you know when the pigs are generally coming to your bait site, set the Start time about an hour before they arrive, this is usually in the evening. If they are coming consistently around 9 p.m. (21:00), set the time to start at 8 p.m. (20:00). If you don’t see them again until after 6 a.m. (06:00), set the stop time to 7 a.m. (07:00). Checking this option and the camera will shut itself down from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., 13 hours of saving battery life and not taking or sending any unwanted pictures of birds or any other non-target species and no worries about forgetting this one or losing that opportunity! Make sure you set the proper Trigger Interval.

This is just one example of choosing the option that best fits your needs, for a full review of these options, visit our website manuals and videos page:

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