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Whole sounder trapping is more art than science.

Each sounder will consist of various age groups, juvenile to adult ratios, population sizes and education levels. The key to whole sounder trapping success is to incorporate a process whereas the individual sounder determines the time period between each step. This information is based on photo and video observations (intel) from the bait site.

Case Study

19 of 19 feral hogs removed using capture success matrix™

Capture Success Matrix®

Three Important Steps

Success is not measured by the number of pigs trapped; but by the number of pigs which survive each trapping event. Any pigs outside the trap when gates are triggered will learn from the experience and become trap resistant to the process. Removing the entire sounder at one time prevents any pig from escaping, surviving, reproducing or being educated to the removal process or product.


Condition pigs to trust a feeder with digital timer as a daily food source.


Condition pigs to trust M.I.N.E.® gate(s) as a daily food source.


Capture whole-sounder using the most effective trigger device.

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