Army Trained. Combat Tested. Farmer Approved.

The JAGER PRO® Hog Control Team

The JAGER PRO® team trains and implements Integrated Wild Pig Control® strategies to farmers, landowners, plantation owners, extension agents, wildlife biologists, government agencies and academia to accomplish 100% removal of entire sounders at one time. Upon military retirement, we simply adapted our mission from a two-legged enemy to a four-legged invasive species using the same technology, strategy and tactical precision.

Rod Pinkston

Founder and CEO

JAGER PRO® Founder & CEO, Rod Pinkston, earned his living as a Soldier for 24 years. He retired from the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Olympic Shooting Team at Fort Benning, Georgia after his Soldiers won two gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The 2008 Games were the first time U.S. shooters earned four shotgun medals in the history of Olympic shooting.

Rod lived in Germany during two separate Army tours for a combined total of seven years and earned the coveted “Jagdschein” shooting European boars in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Research and knowledge gained from working with German Jagermeisters and Forstmeisters helped him develop more efficient feral swine control technology and methods for the United States. Employing retired Soldiers, JAGER PRO® is the first private company to develop military-grade technology and methods to harvest 100,000+ feral swine annually in the United States.

Rod is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, inventor of the M.I.N.E.® (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) Trapping System (five approved patents), creator of thermal hog control methods in the United States and host of the “JAGER PRO®” television show on RFD-TV. His remote-control trapping and thermal shooting footage were the first to appear on national television and YouTube. He is an expert of the latest high-volume hog control methods and technology in the industry and author of the Integrated Wild Pig Control® Training Manual.

National speaker at the below venues:
• 2008 National Conference on Feral Hogs in St. Louis, MO
• 2009 Wildlife Damage Management Conference in Albany, NY
• 2010 International Wild Pig Conference in Pensacola, FL
• 2011 Wildlife Damage Management Conference in Nebraska City, NE
• 2012 International Wild Pig Conference in San Antonio, TX
• 2013 Wildlife Control Technology Conference in Cleveland, OH
• 2013 Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference in Oklahoma City, OK
• 2014 International Wild Pig Conference in Montgomery, AL
• 2014 Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference in Sandestin, FL
• 2014 Mississippi State University Row Crop Short Course in Starkville, MS
• 2015 Wildlife Damage Management Conference in Gatlinburg, TN2
• 2015 Mississippi Agricultural Industry Council Conference in Orange Beach, AL
• 2015 Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference in Asheville, NC
• 2016 International Wild Pig Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC
• 2016 Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference in Baton Rouge, LA
• 2017 Wildlife Damage Management Conference in Orange Beach, AL
• 2018 International Wild Pig Conference, Oklahoma City, OK
• 2018 Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference in Mobile, AL
• 2019 Wildlife Damage Management Conference in Starkville, MS

Contact Information:
Rod Pinkston, 2900 Smith Road, Fortson, Georgia 31808
Office: 706-718-9789 Ext. 5

Chris Monhof

Manufacturing and Logistics

Chris Monhof is a native of Columbus, Georgia and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 in 2009 after 22 years of service. He was deployed 44 months in support of three Operation Iraqi Freedom missions. As an Artillery Targeting Officer, he made strategic decisions in relation to thermal ground reconnaissance and air to surface strikes on enemy targets.

Chris served in 1st Armored Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Infantry Division, 24th Infantry Division, and III Corps Artillery. He is a graduate of Central Texas College and holds a Certificate in Emergency Management.

Chris owns Southern Hog Control, LLC and has a lifetime of experience shooting wild hogs in the swamps and backwoods of Fort Stewart and Fort Benning, Georgia. He has been conducting thermal hog control missions with JAGER PRO® since 2009.

Lance Dement

Trapping Operations

Lance Dement retired after a 24 year Army career and served at the US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) for 20 years. He earned a position on the US Olympic Team and won the US National Championships in 10 meter running target and 50 meter running boar. Lance also competed on the USAMU Service Rifle team, winning the 1000 yard Wimbledon Cup (scope) and Leech Cup (iron sight) and was a firing member on five record setting teams. He was awarded the Presidents Hundred Tab, International Distinguished Badge, Distinguished Rifleman Badge and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge. He is a member of an elite group to have earned all three distinguished badges.

Lance taught thousands of Soldiers Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM), Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) and Train the Trainer (TTT) courses to raise the standard of the Army’s marksmanship proficiency. He is a graduate of Airborne School, Ranger School and Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC).

Lance became the Director of Trapping Operations in February of 2012. He is the owner of Killin’ Time Outfitters LLC, specializing in nuisance wildlife control and removal. Lance has been Trapping and Shooting hogs on Fort Benning for the past 15 years.

Clint Housel

Camera Operations

Clint Housel retired as a Company First Sergeant after 22 years of service. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal (BSM) & Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB) in Afghanistan during a 24 hour engagement against enemy forces without any friendly casualties.

Clint served in 1st Ranger Battalion, 4th Ranger Training Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division, 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division (Mechanized), 19th Infantry Division and 25th Infantry Division (Light). He is a graduate of Ranger School, a Master rated Jumpmaster (Airborne), Pathfinder and Air Assault schools.

Clint became the director of camera operations in 2014 after performing feral hog control missions with JAGER PRO® since 2012.

Brian Monhof

Optic Sales Manager

Brian Monhof has been associated with our thermal shooting operations for the past seven years. He assisted his father (Chris Monhof – Director of Shooting Operations) during night shooting and shooting operations. Brian learned night vision devices and thermal optics from hands-on experience in the field.

He is the only JJAGER PRO® Team member who does not have twenty years of military experience. Brian’s youth is necessary to keep 10 retired Soldiers grounded in social media and marketing which target a younger generation. He helps the team transition from military operations to civilian applications which can sometimes become an impossible task. Brian joined the JAGER PRO® team full time in January of 2016 after owning a lawn care service and working in the electrical field.

His current mission is to test the best night vision/thermal scopes on the market and meet with the manufacturers to keep his finger on the pulse of new products and technology in the industry. Brian’s research is provided to our customers through his daily phone conversations and monthly blog articles.

John Remington

Sourcing & Logistics Manager

John Remington is a dedicated professional who was recently promoted to Sourcing and Logistics Manager. He joined JAGER PRO® in 2017 with more than a decade of leadership and management experience. Professionally John is known for technical innovation and operations efficiency. He graduated top of his class, Summa Cum Laude, holding two degrees with many other certifications and commendations. In their free time, John and his lovely wife Margalena own and operate a 501c3 non-profit outreach ministry that supports our local community.

Jeff Parker

Director of Business Development

Jeff was born and raised in Columbus, GA and attended Columbus State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He began the police academy two weeks after graduation and went on to have a successful 10-year career in law enforcement with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. He served in multiple divisions including Patrol, Traffic, Special Operations and the Strategic Response Team.

Jeff left law enforcement after 10 years and served overseas with the Department of Defense as a private contractor through DynCorp International as an International Police Advisor.

Once he returned to civilian life, Jeff decided to pursue a career where his passion was - Fitness. Over the next 10 years Jeff would lead more than 20 fitness facilities, thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue responsibility. Jeff earned a reputation as a record breaker and a "fixer upper", as he would go to failing or underperforming fitness facilities and turn them around by implementing his proven leadership methods and sales process.

Jeff is joining the JAGER PRO® team in an effort to develop and implement growth opportunities and business strategies while also creating quality relationships with consumers and potential partners. He is most passionate about new revenue generation that is achieved by "out of the box" / innovative thinking, as well as, building new and improved brand awareness by working directly with the marketing team.

Nicole Scrivener

Camera Specialist

Nicole Scrivener, camera specialist and newest JAGER PRO® member, comes to us from Canada, where she was born and raised. She has spent the last 16 years living in the United States as a dedicated military wife and mother. Her and her family have lived in the Columbus, GA, area for the last five years and decided to retire here after her husband's 21-year military career. Along with a marketing degree, Nicole has extensive retail management and customer service experience, having spent the last five years managing a fast paced, specialty retail store. She will bring a fresh approach to the JAGER PRO® team.

Josh Vigeland

Hog Control Academy™

Josh Vigeland retired after a 21-year Army career. As an Armor Crewman, the M1A2 Abrams used mobility, firepower and shock effect to close within and extinguish enemy forces. His deployments include Macedonia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He served as a One Station Unit Training (OSUT) drill sergeant, tank commander and tank instructor. Josh served in the 1st Infantry Division, 11th ACR, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, 4th Infantry Division and the 194th Armored Brigade. Josh and his wife Jessica have 4 children: Lauryn, Gryffin, Grady, and Gage. He enjoys many outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and snowboarding. Josh started big game hunting at the age of 12 with his father and has been passionate about it ever since.

Todd Walker

Trap Sales

Todd retired from the Army in 2015 after 21 years of service as an Infantryman. He was consistently recognized for his tactical and technical abilities to create opportunities to find, close with, and engage the enemy, delivering measurable results and boldly leading multifunctional teams in the most austere and hazardous of environments.

Todd served with 1st Cavalry Division in their 1-9, 1-5, and 2-5 Cav Battalions, as well as the 1st and 2nd Infantry Divisions. He has deployments of more than 40 months in combat areas that include Korea, Bosnia, Kuwait and multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the war on terror.

Todd owns Tactical Edge Hog Control, LLC and has been hunting and trapping feral hogs for the past 22 years. He has been conducting thermal hog control missions with JAGER PRO® since 2015.

Chris Robinson

Creative Media

Chris Robinson is a 20-year broadcast media veteran with experience in consulting, management, marketing, television production, social media, and integrated media technologies.

He holds master certifications from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Blackmagic Design, and Google.

He began his creative career with Raycom Media in Columbus, Georgia as part of the production team responsible for newscast graphic creation. He was then promoted to Production Manager making him at that time the youngest manager in the company and the first African American manger in Raycom Media history.

During his tenure as Production Manager, he earned both Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration Degrees. He was then promoted to Regional News Operations Manager for the southeastern region. He has been at the forefront of various high school and college media programs lecturing on both levels.

He currently lectures as part of the University System of Georgia teaching new media concepts and visual production. Through his media production nonprofit, he regularly holds workshops and client consultations to help organizations utilize integrated media as a targeted messaging tool.

Chris loves working with technology and mentoring new creatives however, he is most excited about finding innovative ways to tell stories.

Art Tucker


Art started his career utilizing his Criminal Justice degree serving over ten years as a Special Investigator with the Muscogee County District Attorney’s Office in Columbus, Georgia. He then transitioned into the private sector as a Corporate Security Investigator for Powertel, a regional cellular phone company. In 2001, T-Mobile acquired Powertel and Art was promoted into the position of Manager of Investigations where he led a group of investigators and analysts conducting investigations regionally in the Southeastern United States as well as all outsourced call center investigations and shipping theft investigations companywide.

After eight years, he left the cellular business to apply his legal experience and lifelong love of hunting and all things outdoors for a new career in the Outdoor Industry at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, better known as Realtree. As a Licensing Account Manager at Realtree, Art managed the business development, relationship building and account management for many high-profile brands such as Nike, John Deere, Carhartt, Old World Industries/Peak Automotive, Nikon, 5.11 Tactical, as well as several prominent brands under the VF, Jarden, Wolverine Worldwide umbrellas and many more. After a very successful almost twelve-year career at Jordan Outdoor’s, Art took all of this experience and knowledge and founded his own consulting business, The Two Nine, LLC. This venture affords Art the ability to choose his clients assessing where his expertise can most effectively benefit their growth and needs. Art’s first two clients were Outdoor Industry Veteran Michael Waddell and his Bone Collector™ Brand. This was soon followed with client’s three and four with fellow Bone Collector’s Travis “T-Bone” Turner and Nick Mundt.

In August 2019, Art was introduced to JAGER PRO® Founder and CEO, Rod Pinkston. After several meetings, both agreed that there were synergies worth pursuing with Rod inviting Art to start consulting with JAGER PRO®. Art now manages their marketing efforts as well as the performance of any special tasks as assigned by the CEO. He is very honored and excited to be working with a group of such well-respected and experienced retired soldiers.

Chad Defrates

In Memoriam (1/29/78 - 1/10/21)

Chad DeFrates retired from the Army after 20 years of military service. He was assigned at Fort Benning, GA as a Calvary Scout Instructor for 6 years. Chad also served with the 101st Airborne Division, the 4th Infantry Division, and the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, with a total of 48 months of combat experience.

Chad was an avid outdoorsman and accomplished hunter from his youth, becoming interested in feral swine during his time stationed at Fort Hood, TX from 2007-2012. His Sniper and Recon training were an asset while honing his skill and knowledge of feral swine while stationed at Fort Benning from 2012-2018 as well.

Chad joined the JAGER PRO® team in 2018. He was an experienced operator of the M.I.N.E.® trapping system and accomplished shooter with multiple thermal optic and firearm configurations.