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How do I properly evaluate Night Vision equipment?

Users have difficult choices to make among Night Vision Generations of technology (Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3) or among competing options within a given generation.

Evaluation of night vision equipment revolves around four major areas of consideration:

  • Performance: Clarity of a night vision device image under varying light conditions. Performance is a product of image intensifier photosensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, system gain and resolution.
  • Human Factors: Issues such as ease of operation, size, weight, technique of employment and use of necessary or optional accessories are critical.
  • Suitability: Selecting the right night vision device for the right application. Important considerations are versatility, adaptability, field of view, magnification, weather resistance and ruggedness of the system.
  • Overall Cost of Ownership: Users should consider such issues as optional accessories, expected tube life, warranty coverage, ease and likelihood of repair, susceptibility to bright light exposure and availability of batteries.

Contact JAGER PRO for assistance in evaluating night vision equipment.

Last Update: 04.01.2020  

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