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While conducting research on hog shooting the other day I read an article titled, Getting Your Money’s Worth On A Paid Hog Hunt. The article covered a lot of information that I am often asked about the JAGER PRO® thermal hog hunt. The following is what you can expect on a JAGER PRO® thermal hog hunt.

What is the cost of the JAGER PRO® thermal hog hunt

The price of a JAGER PRO® two night hog hunt is $600.00 per person, per night (two night/two hunter minimum). JAGER PRO® has the capability to handle 2 to 9 hunters at any giving time. We supply all hunters with the Remington R-25, .308-caliber, semi-automatic rifle, unlimited ammo and thermal optics. There is no limit on the number of hogs that can be taken and no trophy fees. The price for the lodge is $75 per hunter per night.

Not included in the price of the hunt: lodging, meals, meat processing and guide tips.

Lodging during the hog hunt

Hunters will be received at the lodge between 4 and 5 P.M. (EST) on the day of the hunt. We have two lodges that we work with.

Piney Creek Plantation

Piney Creek front porch

Piney Creek Front Porch

Piney Creek sleeps 12 hunters. It has six bedrooms and three bathrooms. Click for directions to Piney Creek Plantation






Mossey Creek Outdoors

Mossey Creek Outdoors Lodging Cabin Front Porch View and Entrance Sign

Mossey Creek Front Porch

Mossey Creek sleeps 10 hunters. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Click for directions to Mossey Creek Outdoors






Rifle and Thermal Scope Class

Once settled into the lodge, a class will be given on the Remington R-25, .308 caliber, semi-automatic rifle and thermal optic. Following the class, a dry rehearsal will be conducted on spot and stalk procedures. Time will be taken with each hunter at the live fire range to zero the hunter’s rifles.

What about Meals?

Piney Creek Dining Area

Piney Creek Dining Area

We will leave the lodge to eat supper at one of the local restaurants. Meals are paid for by the hunters. There are several places we like to eat, but our primary restaurant is the Backporch Steak and Seafood restaurant located in Shellman, Georgia. They have a great menu and were recently named to the top ten Secret Restaurants in Georgia.  I recommend the 12oz steak. You can also prepare your own meals at the lodge in the kitchen.



Your hog hunt begins at dark

After supper your JAGER PRO® TACTICAL BOAR HUNT begins!  The hunt will last a minimum of 8 hours. You should be aware that this is a free range hunt and is not guaranteed. We will do our very best to ensure you have the opportunity to take as many hogs as possible. Over the past 7 years our hunters have averaged 5-9 hogs per night during our two night hunts, depending on their marksmanship skills. However, it is not unheard of to take 20-25 hogs in one night.

At the conclusion of the night’s hunt, it’s back to the lodge for some much needed rest and prep for the second night’s hunt. You will have the day to relax and eat lunch in Dawson, Georgia.  Day 2 will start at 5 P.M. with supper.

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Click to watch a JAGER PRO® HOG HUNT

Mossey Creek Meat Processing Taxidermy Room

Meat Processing Room

We have a meat processor on site to take care of all your hogs. Mossy Creek will skin and quarter the hogs that you decide to keep for $45 each. We will try to place all hogs that you don’t want. The average size adult hog is about 150 lbs. Hunters have taken hogs that weigh as much as 393 lbs. Mossy Creek can also take care of any taxidermy service you might need.


Where to book your hunt

More information can be found at our web site or call (706) 718-9789 ext. 2.

You can also email us at

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