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Prior to your arrival, we are working for you to ensure that your hunt is safe, fun and, productive.
The following details your guides activities prior to your arrival as he prepares for your JAGER PRO Tactical Boar Hunt.

The drive down

As some of our guides live in Alabama they have about an hour and a half of driving time to our area of operation. Guides use this time to call and reach out to farmers looking for any information of hog movements whether it be crop damage or sightings. This proves an effective way to narrow the search as we currently service over 400,000 acres and the entire landscape changes several times a year due to crop rotation.

Once on site

It is at this point your guide will be on the ground looking for physical sign of any hog activity.
What we are looking for is crop damage, severity of the damage, how large the sounder is, what time did they arrive, direction of travel, surrounding cover, projected wind speed and direction, illumination, and many more variables that could possibly effect your hunt.
This is done on numerous fields each day by each guide.
Oh, did I forget to mention that your hunt was also scouted the night before.

Your arrival at lodge

Upon your arrival, the guides will help get you settled into the lodge. We will finish up all paperwork and give you a class on the equipment you will be using. Then it on to the range for weapon familiarization and zeroing. We will leave the lodge and head to dinner. After dinner, we will start a memorable hunt.

Guide Tips

A few pointers to insure a good hunt for you and your party.
1. Guides phone numbers are listed on our HUNT BOOKING page on the JAGER PRO website
2. Contact your guide concerning all questions.
3. Address any special concerns or requests to your guide especially when it is of a medical nature.
5. If for any reason, you and your party will not be able to attend your scheduled hunt please contact JAGER PRO personally.
Until next time, keep the wind in your face.

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