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Don’t mix battery types, mixing battery types will void your warranty. 1. Low power batteries will drain high power batteries; high power batteries will try to push more energy to the lower power batteries. This causes them to heat up, worst case scenario is it will smoke and blow up. 2. Carbon-zinc, alkaline, lithium, silver-oxide and the other battery chemistry types don’t get along. Using batteries of different chemistries to power a product can cause damage to your device from electrolyte leakage and over-discharge of the lower capacity batteries. Basically, it makes a mess and eats the battery contacts, potentially ruining your product.

Lithium, alkaline and ni-cad batteries perform differently because they have different battery chemistry. Even alkaline batteries of different brands have different characteristics. Putting them together can cause them to rupture.

AA Batteries

Don’t mix battery types

Every alkaline battery has a liquid electrolyte that breaks down over time. Breakdown leads to the release of hydrogen gas. Over an alkaline battery’s normal life, what we call ‘off-gassing’ isn’t a problem. But if an alkaline battery sits too long, the pressure inside can eventually rupture the case, causing it to leak corrosion. This leakage can spread to other components within the camera. Corrosion damage isn’t covered under warranty!

Corrosion damage

Mixing battery types can result in battery leakage and sub-optimal device performance. For best results, replace all batteries with the same brand, chemistry, voltage, and size, when the device performance becomes unsatisfactory. Consider using our recommended battery box instead of AA batteries. Our battery box saves fuel, time and labor allowing 24 hour surveillance without wasting daily travel time and expenses to multiple bait sites without needing to pay for expensive Lithium AA batteries every month. A battery box will pay for itself in 3 months instead of using AA batteries.

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