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After scouting several days, I locate a sounder group of hogs and a couple single boars on multiple fields. I had established my plan for the upcoming hunt. I met up with our hunters and got them settled into the lodge. We then conducted a rifle and scope class prior to verifying the zero on the rifles.

First Hunt

Once we left the lodge and had dinner, we moved to our first field, a pecan orchard with extensive damage. We set up in a position allowing us to view all the damaged area from a distance. After a couple of hours of not seeing any hogs, we moved to another field which had a large single boar roaming around. We stalked up to within 70 yards and eliminated him. After we recovered the boar hog, I took another look at the field with the spotting scope and an even bigger boar had come out of an irrigation ditch. This happened a total of 5 times that night, all single boars. We shot a total of 3 boars on this field that night. After we collected the last boar off the field, we went back to check on the pecan orchard. Once I had moved into a position to see the damaged area, I identified two large pregnant sows rooting the edge of the orchard. I went back to the staging area and got the clients. We moved into position and shot both sows. That night we shot 3 boars and 2 sows between 150 / 200 pounds.

New Intel on Hogs

The next morning, I received a call from a farmer. He said that his peanut field had been damaged by a sounder of pigs. I went and scouted the field and established a plan on how to approach the field later that night. Once we got finished with dinner, we moved out to the area and unloaded the golf cart to drive between several fields. Around 10 P.M. a sounder of about 20 hogs came out onto the field. While we were stalking the hogs, the wind changed direction several times. This allowed the hogs to wind us before we could take the shot and leave the field. I made the decision to move back to the field where we had shot all the boars the night before. Once there, we identified another boar in the same location we had shot the other boars. We stalked up into position and shot the boar.

We ended the night with two hogs in the bucket. Another great night of hog hunting!


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