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Preparing for the Hog Hunt

We have over 300,000 acres of farm land to conduct hog control on over the next month and a half. Corn fields have been getting damaged for the past three months and the peanut fields are starting to mature, becoming the next food source for hogs. Scouting all the fields, looking for fresh damage is a major priority. This will take several days to accomplish.

I wanted to start my recon on my favorite place to hunt, Magnolia Plantation. The property has always had a lot of hog damage as it borders a major creek and three of the largest fields are always planted in peanuts, corn and cotton. As soon as I arrived at field four, I downloaded my 4 wheeler and set out to check all the fields. Field six is a 160-acre peanut field and field seven is a 200-acre corn field. Both had a lot of fresh rooting. As I made my way around the 2800-acre plantation, I took notice to several more peanut and corn fields as they also had fresh hog damage.

Getting the equipment serviced for the upcoming shooting season could not be over looked. Ensuring each rifle and thermal where top notch to prevent any malfunctions. With batteries and bullets inventoried, trigger sticks operational and hear protection accounted for we are ready to set out on the first hunt.

September Hog Hunts

We have started our September hog shooting over fresh cut corn. This is the first time in three months that we will be able to see the hogs with the thermal scope.The weather is great, yet we have to deal with a few bugs. That being said, bug spray and a Therma Cell are a must.

October Hog Hunts

With the corn harvested, the peanuts fields have matured and are being flipped to dry. The hogs will have all the food they need on top of the ground. We will only hunt the first two weeks of October so that we can de conflict with the upcoming deer season.

Where to book your hunt

More information can be found at our web site or call (706) 718-9789 ext. 2.

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