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Winter Food Source

Winter hog hunting is thrilling. iWith winter fast approaching and the temperature dropping, the food source for the hogs is going to be cleaned up fast. Hogs are going to be searching for any food source they can find. In Southwest Georgia, the primary food source will be last year’s peanuts. The hogs will be moving in larger sounder groups and will need to eat a lot more to keep their calorie count high for those long winter nights.

Targeting the Sounder

Winter hog hunting Taking Aim Thermal

Trapping would be the most efficient method of controlling the hogs, but a Tactical Boar Hunt is much more exciting. Getting out in the cold night air, having the wind blow in your face while moving to within 50 to 70 meters of a sounder of pigs, will get your blood flowing. When you first turn on your thermal scope to look out across the field and see that 300 lb. single boar or 30 hogs nose down munching on some peanuts, your breathing is sure to intensify. Hopefully, I will remind you to calm down.

With each second that passes, the hunters continue to get anxious. The guide will ensure that each hunter has selected the correct sow to take out of the sounder. Once all the targets have been identified, the command to move your safety from safe to semi, will be given. The countdown begins once every shooter is ready. “Here we go on Zero”. “Three, Two, One.” With a loud bang, four shots sound as one and hurl toward the targets. Four hogs hit the ground and the sounder starts to run.

When the Shooting Stops

When the shooting stops. 17 hogs can be seen scattered throughout the field. We pick up the hogs at the end of the night and take a picture that most can only dream of. Winter hog hunting at it’s best.

Magnolia Plantation 18 hogs 2 16x9



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