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Hog Hunting

I have talked to many people about hog shooting over the years. A lot of people have told me they have hunted hogs in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. More times than not, I hear people tell me that they went out for a three-day hog hunt and never saw a pig. I have heard a lot of hunters tell me about their time spent in a stand, overlooking a feeder that a guide forgot to fill with bait. I am quick to remind myself of the days that I too went into the woods in Southwest Georgia and came out with nothing. This is hog hunting, but any day in the woods is better than a day in the office.

Hog Control Operation

Thermal Scope InstructionMost hunters that have gone on a JAGER PRO hog control mission, have seen our YouTube video’s or watched a TV show that featured a JAGER PRO tactical hog control operation. Like most shooting experiences, we are all filed with emotions at the beginning. When showing up at the lodge our hunters are excited, nervous and anxious, as they are about to embark on the hunt of a lifetime. The JAGER PRO Staff will do all they can to ensure you are safe, trained and ready to enjoy your adventure.

Emotional Roller Coaster

Sunrise Hog HuntingYou can expect the excitement to continue each time you start a stalk. The stalks can be demanding for some and a brisk walk for others. During the stalk emotions will soar with thoughts of shooting the biggest boar or missing that little shoat. When the shooting starts, that is when the real thrill begins, the adrenaline will fill your body. You can expect your adventure to last a minimum of 8 hours returning to the lodge between 6 and 7 in the morning for some much-needed rest. You might even get to view a JAGER PRO sunrise. Depending on how well you shoot, will determine how many hogs you and your team take each night.

Are Hogs Good To Eat

Hog Trapping at NightOften, I am asked if we eat the hogs. I as well as a lot of hunters that have been out with us eat the hogs. I eat a lot of stew, sausage and BBQ. I tell everyone to ensure they cook it to at least 170 degrees.

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