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Shooting hogs has proven to be a challenge. But add in Coyotes, what I call “Targets of Opportunity” and it goes to a whole new level. When you are attempting to remove the remaining hogs from a property, you might expect to only shoot hogs. That is normally the case, but when things get slow or a coyote shows up, we might just transition to coyote shooting for a bit.

Why Hunt Coyotes as Targets of Opportunity

Coyotes show up in the cow pastures and can take down small calves. Not to mention the fact that they wreak havoc on our deer and turkey population. Georgia has recently started a Program called the Georgia Coyote Challenge. This program not only encourages the lethal removal of coyotes for wildlife management purposes, but also presents participants with an opportunity to win a lifetime hunting/fishing license. The season for coyotes is open year-round and there are no bag limits. For more information on the Coyote Challenge visit.

My Favorite Coyote Scope

The thermal rifle scope proves to be a great tool when shooting targets of opportunity. The thermal scope allows us to locate and target the coyote from over 1500 yards. It is quite a sight to scan a field and locate a yote at 1200 yards shooting for mice and rabbits. My preferred coyote scope is the Zeus 640×512 75mm thermal rifle scope. To see this scope in action, visit our JAGER PRO YouTube Channel.

Methods of Attack

There are several methods we can use to engage the coyote, spot and stalk, electronic calling device or simple mouth squeak. If the coyote is on the hunt and cannot be pulled off their pray, then the spot and stalk works the best. It is truly exciting to set up and call them in. Watching them quickly close the distance, to a range of about 50 yards, before sending a .308 projectile in their direction will certainly get the blood pumping.



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