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Our Integrated Wild Pig Control® annual program defines success as 100% removal of the entire sounder to eliminate escapes and future education. We must first perform reconnaissance and intel gathering to document the exact population as a baseline number to effectively measure our performance standard.

Video Footage Vs Individual Pictures

Each sounder has unique population dynamics, behaviors and education levels. Employing 10 to 15 high definition video cameras every 250 acres is the most efficient way to gather this critical information to achieve the most efficient success. Behavioral information such as this adult sow avoiding the inside of the trap enclosure is difficult to detect and understand by viewing individual pictures. Video footage always produces higher quality intel in a shorter time span than photos.

Position the digital video cameras along travel routes to quickly identify feral pig patterns, travel times and bedding area directions. Remember, high value target areas such as wallows, rubs, trails, water supplies and feeder locations will change depending on seasonal crops planted and natural food sources.

The Ultimate Goal is to Recognize:

  • The total number of sounders
  • The total population within each sounder
  • The number of adults vs. juveniles
  • The number of boars avoiding feeders

Reconnaissance and intel gathering, plus thoroughly understanding the data is crucial when selecting and implementing the most efficient removal strategy. Our goal each week is to share Integrated Wild Pig Control® methods and technologies allowing landowners and gamekeepers to better control feral pig populations on your property.

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