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Integrated Wild Pig Control® is a strategic approach using a series of innovative control methods and technologies, implemented in a specific sequence, based on seasonal food sources during an annual program. Emphasis is placed on efficient removal of the entire sounder at one time to eliminate escapes and education.

Optimum Trapping Opportunities

Winter months provide the optimum trapping opportunity. The fall mast crops of acorns and hickory nuts have been eaten and no other agricultural row crops are planted. It is easier to bait wild pigs to automatic feeders as a supplemental food source in the winter than any other season. The winter strategy is to capture entire sounders of juvenile pigs, sub-adults, nursing sows and pregnant sows as they pattern to these supplemental bait sites. This tactic will eliminate 70-80% of the total property population in 90 days when performed correctly.

Optimum Shooting Opportunities

Spring months provide the optimum shooting opportunities at night and will target an additional 10-20% of the population as there are too many food sources available for traps to be effective. The control strategy must switch to night shooting operations using infrared optics mounted on AR platform, semi-automatic rifles targeting dominate boars and bachelor groups avoiding winter corral traps. The summer strategy focuses on eliminating the remaining 10% of the population by targeting warm weather wallows, rubs, water sources, food sources and trails. The fall strategy targets maturing row crops such as corn and peanuts as well as falling mast crops such as acorns and hickory nuts.

Integrated Wild Pig Control® Annual Program

An effective Annual Pig Control Program uses the most efficient methods and technologies, implemented in a specific sequence, based on seasonal food sources. Our goal is to share Integrated Wild Pig Control® strategies allowing landowners to better control feral pig populations on your property.

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