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Plan the Mission

The I.C.E.® Cam photo shows the month is May and the temperature is 93°F. We have established an automatic feeder as a food source. Sounder Intel verifies three adults and eleven juveniles for a total of fourteen. We have determined one trained and certified Hog Control Operator™ will employ the trapping process using one M.I.N.E.® Trapping System. Our performance standard is 100% success which means we must remove all fourteen pigs expending the least amount of fuel, time, labor and money.
Episode 25 Mission

Episode 25 Mission Photo

Harvest Efficiency Report

Report column totals for Episode 25 verify 13 adults, 11 juveniles and 16 fetuses were removed from this property. 40 pigs were impacted in seven events, expending 26.25 hours of labor, which equated to a little over 39 minutes of labor per pig.

Episode 25 Harvest Efficiency Report

Official Capture Time: 26 MAY 2018
JAGER PRO Hog Trapping

Official Shoot Time 26 MAY 2018/27 MAY 2018
JAGER PRO Thermal Hog Shooting

Mission Assessment

We removed 14 of 14 targeted pigs for a 100% removal success rate. Therefore, we accomplished our performance goals, using a trained and certified Hog Control Operator™ by trapping using our M.I.N.E.® Trapping System. The total number of pigs impacted during this mission was 14.

Episode 25 Mission Assessment

Return on Labor

Our total trapping labor was 2.25 hours. Trapping labor per pig was 11.25 minutes. We arrive at this number by multiplying 2.25 hours times 60 minutes which equals 135 minutes. Divide this number by 12 pigs trapped to equal 11.25 minutes of labor per pig. Total shooting labor was 24.00 hours. Shooting labor per pig was 51.43 minutes.

Episode 25 Return on Labor

This episode, the annual damage prevented by trapping was $4,800, divided by 2.25 hours gives us a Return on Labor of $2,133.33 per hour from trapping. Annual damage prevented by shooting was $11,200, divided by 24.00 hours gives us a Return on Labor of $466.67 per hour from shooting.

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