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Why does JAGER PRO® promote whole-sounder success?

JAGER PRO® promotes whole sounder success because traditional hunters and trappers are merely educating feral pigs to create a nocturnal, trap-resistant species. The explanation for cautious feral swine behavior is due to a previous failed attempt by an inexperienced person using a less effective product (i.e. portable box trap, narrow gate, trip wire, etc.) against the fourth most intelligent animal on the planet. Any pigs outside the trap when gates are triggered will learn from the experience and become “trap resistant” to future metal objects. Removing the entire sounder at one time prevents any pig from escaping, surviving, reproducing or being educated to the removal process or product.
Follow our Best Management Practices to ensure eliminations of the entire sounder and how you can have whole sounder success.

Entire sounder

Last Update: 06.17.2024  

03.10.2020  Trapping FAQ

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