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What rifle, suppressor and ammunition are used to euthanize pigs inside the trap?

  • Rifle: Volquartsen Summit bolt action
  • Suppressor: Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC)
  • Ammunition: CCI Suppressor, 45-grain lead hollow-point bullet (970 feet per second) subsonic

There is no need to use a high velocity (centerfire) bullet which can easily pass through a hog’s skull and damage the gate or trap panels when a 40-grain (rimfire) 22LR bullet safely performs the task less expensively. Also, a subsonic 22LR bullet shot at 1,080 feet per second (FPS) through a suppressor is much quieter than a centerfire bullet shot at supersonic speeds.

Last Update: 03.10.2020  

03.10.2020  Trapping FAQ

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