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How long does it take before new pigs migrate onto a property after a whole-sounder capture?

There are several factors which determine how long a property remains at “zero balance” after a successful Integrated Wild Pig Control® (IWPC®) program has been implemented. Future reproduction and migration would have to come from adjacent properties since an effective IWPC® program would prevent escapes, method education and reproduction from the entire generation of feral pigs living on the property.

  1. Are neighboring landowners implementing a successful IWPC® program?
  2. Are there enough trained Hog Control Operators™ in the county to effectively implement the IWPC® program?
  3. Has the state passed legislation to stop intrastate and interstate transportation of feral pigs?
  4. How well are law enforcement personnel enforcing these rules in the state?
  5. Are judges and the court system prosecuting those breaking the rules with heavy fines?
  6. How many criminals are illegally transporting and releasing new feral pig populations in the county?

The amount of time a property remains at “zero balance” greatly depends on the answers to the above six questions.

Last Update: 03.10.2020  

03.10.2020  Trapping FAQ

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