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Why not intervene sooner before there are so many to deal with?

Because most humans (and governments) are reactive instead of proactive. Most people wait until the problem becomes so big; they are forced to take action instead of using preventative maintenance when the problem is small. Feral pigs are not hard to detect at all. Most farmers are frugal and attempt to use recreational hunters (guns, archery, dogs, etc.) or other “free” methods which makes the problem worse. There is NO closed season and NO bag limit on feral pigs because they are not native to the United States and considered an agricultural pest. Traditional HUNTING methods used to manage game animals (whitetail deer) producing one or two fawns per year will not CONTROL an invasive species (feral pig) producing 12-20 piglets annually. Traditional HUNTERS have the ability to harvest an unlimited number of feral pigs 365 days per year but are either unwilling or incapable of population CONTROL. The illegal transportation and release of feral pigs for recreational hunting purposes is the primary reason for our current problem.

Last Update: 03.10.2020  

03.10.2020  Trapping FAQ

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