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How many pigs does it take for them to do enough damage to warrant this type of intervention?

Expense is a matter of Return on Investment (ROI) to most landowners. The average farmer will produce 200 bushels of corn per acre in a southeastern United States irrigated field. This means a single 100-acre field (100-acres x 200 bushels) equals 20,000 bushels of corn. Today’s corn price is $3.74 per bushel x 20,000 bushels equals $74,800 of income from growing corn. Ten adult pigs will easily reduce the yield from 200 bushels an acre to only 160 in July or August. What does this 20% reduction cost a farmer? 40 bushels x 100 acres = 4,000 bushels @ $3.74 = $14,960. The M.I.N.E.® Trapping System with (6) 18-60™ (16’ long) flex trap panels as used in this video only costs $3,000.00. A smart farmer understands our M.I.N.E.® trap will pay for itself in a single capture in one field and they would still pocket an additional $12,000 from one field’s preventive maintenance. The trap could be paid in full from the first ten-pig capture and then used to target additional sounders on the property with very little overhead.

Last Update: 03.10.2020  

03.10.2020  Trapping FAQ

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