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Using and automatic feeder vs hand baiting. We have already established winter months provide the most favorable trapping opportunities as fall mast crops of acorns and hickory nuts have been eaten and no other agricultural row crops are planted. Winter is the easiest time of year to condition pigs to trust a daily supplemental food source.

Automatic Feeder vs Hand Baiting

Our bait of choice is usually shelled corn or peanuts. The two most basic delivery methods is a spin-cast feeder with a digital timer or hand baiting with a bucket. Timed, automatic feeders are our preference as we are able to dispense bait at the same exact time daily in multiple locations while saving fuel, time and labor. We strategically erect feeders every 250-300 acres apart on the property to ensure we are targeting multiple home ranges.

Timing the Feeder

Pigs are the 5th most intelligent animal on the planet and quickly learn to associate the sound of a spin-cast motor with food. Time the automatic feeder to dispense bait at dawn during warm weather and dusk during cold weather to better condition pigs to the bait site. It is important to choose a feeder model with a speed selectable spin-cast motor to ensure bait stays inside a 15-20 foot diameter circle and centered inside the 35 foot diameter M.I.N.E.® Trap enclosure.

We always bait a new location with a half bucket of soured corn the first day only. The foul aroma helps pigs immediately find the new feeder location if you have selected the proper bait site. Here is an example of the first 8 days after erecting a feeder with digital timer set to spin at 7:00 AM: May 3rd 7:02, May 4th- 7:03, May 5th- 7:00, May 6th- 7:01, May 7th- 6:59, May 8th- 7:00, May 9th- 7:02 and May 10th 7:02.

Automatic feeders with digital timers are the most efficient way to condition pigs to trust a daily supplemental food source. Our goal is to share Integrated Wild Pig Control® methods and technologies allowing landowners to better control feral pig populations on your property.

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