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My gate falls

If your gate falls, wildlife interference it the most common issue, Raccoons and Squirrels running across the ledge will step on the trigger causing the gate to fall.gate falls from wildlife

If it is the same time every day, there may be interference from a similar frequency in the area. If you are near a pipeline or airport, we have seen that they push out signals that have caused gate drops.

Other cellular trail cameras, particularly Cuddeback, somehow push out a signal on the same bandwidth as the receiver causing it to drop our gates.

We have not confirmed it, but found out that some issues occur around midnight, this is the same time our cameras will push out the daily status report. Changing the daily status report to an early morning hour seems to resolve some of these issues.

Not setting the gate properly could cause gate falls from a bump anywhere in the panel section. If it is for no reason, ensure the locking mechanism fully engages.

If you have an issue where your gate has dropped, the first step is to reset the receiver in the control box by holding the pair to transmit button for 6-8 seconds. Re-sync your camera and on site remote. You can test other theories by removing the power to the control box for a few days and see if it’s wildlife interference. You could reset the receiver and then don’t re-sync your camera to identify if it is an outside source causing the issue. If you have multiple M.I.N.E. cameras, try swapping them out since these two could have communication issues causing the problem.

If the problem continues, call customer support for additional troubleshooting tips.

Last Update: 01.29.2024  

02.12.2020  Camera FAQ, Trapping Troubleshooting

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