Jager Pro-Tip: How do I pair / sync my camera and/or onsite remote to my control box

All Jager Pro M.I.N.E. cameras have internal transmitters. *Note: the max distance from gate to camera is 50 meters before you have problems and yes, one camera can operate multiple gates.

  1. Move camera selector switch from OFF to SETUP.
  2. Open control box housing and press the receiver button. The receiver red light will only emit for 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. Press the camera (A) left arrow and release then press the camera (B) right arrow and release to send a manual RF signal to the control box (You will see RF Trigger in the bottom of the screen). The receiver light should flash three times and shut off if performed correctly. Conduct a test by repeating this step, the latch will activate.


Repeat these steps on other control box receivers if multiple gates are used at the trap enclosure. Move camera selector switch from SETUP to ON and send SMS text command *777# to test transmitter and receiver calibration and gate operation.

To time or re-sync your onsite remote. In the control box, press and release the button, the red light will come on. Press and hold for 2 seconds then release the button on your remote, the light will come on, simultaneously, the red light inside the control box will blink 3 times and go out. Conduct a test by pressing the button again, the latch will activate. If it does not work the first time, try again.

Last Update: 02.12.2020  

02.12.2020  Trapping Troubleshooting

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