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Command Codes

When using the JAGER PRO mobile app, a drop down menu will have a “Take Photo Now” command. When you tap on this icon, the app will send out a take photo request to the camera by opening your phones messaging service with the code below. It will automatically pull up the cameras phone number to send the code. The next command is only available with use of the M.I.N.E. camera and is the “Close Gate” command. The last command is actually found under the app’s Status Report page. The top right menu icon will have two options, Refresh Command History or Request Report. Tapping the “Request Report” option will open your messaging and request for an updated status report. This is the list of the command codes and can be used outside of the app as long as you know the cameras phone number.

Command Codes.

Take Photo Now: *500#
Activate RF Trigger or Close Gate: *777#
Status Report: *501#

NOTE: The M.I.N.E. 4LV cameras are not actively listening for these command codes, they are listening for the “LIVE” action command. When live streaming, you can tap on the take photo or close gate commands from the internal selection.

Last Update: 01.10.2024  

02.12.2020  Camera FAQ

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