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Zeus Pro 50mm Evaluation

This month I decided to test the Zeus Pro 50mm. I wanted to see how the 336×256 performed in real life situations compared to the 640×512. For those of you that are not familiar with the Armasight Thermal scope product line, there are two Options. You have the Armasight Zeus Line which ranges from a 336 42mm scope all the way up to the 640 75mm. They are not Mil-Spec but they are also less expensive when compared to comparable Zeus Pro Scopes. The Zeus Pro line only comes in 50mm or 100mm Lens but has some great updated options against the standard Zeus. They are Mil-Spec, they can run on 2-4 cr123 or AA batteries, updated housing and upgraded the on/off switch to a push button. Armasight has also thrown in some cool new features like a digital compass and Inclinometer, wireless five button remote, new American Defense Picatinny mount, Bluetooth capable. If you get the Optional clip-on rangefinder you can access terrain or satellite map features on your mobile devices. Other key data displayed include shot counter, battery status, compass, elevation, and default range

On the Range

Now back to the field test of these two scopes. In order to see how user friendly these scopes were, I enlisted the help of a new hunter who has never used Thermal technology or killed an animal. We drove down to our range in Cuthbert, Georgia to get a good look through both scopes and get them sighted in. The 336 and 640 50mm Zeus Pro’s look identical from the outside. They both use the FLIR Tau 2 core, the controls are the same, including your reticle and color templates. As a target I am using a 4×4 honey comb sign with a small hot hands pad taped to the center. The first major difference I notice after looking at the target 50 yards away is the field of view. The 640 has a significantly greater FOV over the 336. The reason behind that is the 336 is a 4-16x power scope, so when you’re not using digital zoom the scope is always in 4x. The 640 is 2-16x which gives you a great advantage when engaging multiple targets close range, and zooming in to take a target at distance. The scopes were very easy to sight in, both of were ready to go after three shots. You can adjust the point of impact in the Boresight mode and using the four arrows on top of the scope.

Two Bullets, Two Pigs

shelby first pig1As the sun was starting to set we jumped in the truck and headed to a farmer’s property that has been infested with hogs. We pulled into the farm around 10p.m. and had Shelby scanning the field with our spotting scope. The spotting scope has a 100mm objective so she was able to spot two pigs about 1500 yards away. Shelby couldn’t stop smiling as I got our rifles out and handed her shooting tri-pods and hearing protection. We started the stalk with Shelby behind me. The wind was not in our favor so we took a long circle path to get set up better. Three more groups of pigs came out from our left but winded us before I could get close enough to shoot. When we got within 200 yards of the two pigs we set out on, I stopped to show Shelby the pigs and give her one last run down on what to do. I turned on both scopes and took a look down range. Both scopes could detect the pigs without any problems. As I suspected, the 640 was much clearer than the 336 and I was able to see a little more detail.  The last 125 yards were the hardest. The ground was just planted in peanuts but was very dry, this made walking silently a little difficult. I noticed the smaller pig look in our direction when I almost tripped in a rut so we stopped right there to take the shot. Shelby and I set up our tripods and placed our eyes into the scope. With our hearing pro over our ears I told her to take the bigger hog on the left and asked if she was ready. Shelby was ready and the pigs gave us almost perfect body placement, I told Shelby to take the gun off safe, I lined my sight up to the pig’s shoulder, and counted down 3 – 2 – 1 – 0. We shot in sync on zero and two hogs hit the ground without a squeal or any movement. Shelby couldn’t have a bigger smile on her face and she about fell over as she power walked to see the pigs. We took a picture and got the hogs off the field. As for the scopes, the 640 is by far a better rifle scope. The clarity and FOV is what has me sold. The 336 is still a good scope and had no problem with this hunt but for an extra $1300 you can have a 640.

Learn more about the Zeus Pro and other versions of Thermal Scopes available on JAGER PRO.

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