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The all-in-one design of the JAGER PRO® solar panel streamlines trapping operations by eliminating the need for multiple batteries and constant recharging. With the ability to power three devices simultaneously, two 12 volt and one 6 volt output, it can be effectively attached to the JAGER PRO® control box, MINE LV camera, and an ICE camera, users can maximize efficiency and focus on monitoring and managing trapping activities.

By harnessing solar power and utilizing a high-capacity 25 Ah lithium battery pack, the JAGER PRO solar panel ensures continuous operation without the worry of batteries dying at critical moments. This reliability is especially crucial in remote trapping locations where access may be limited, providing peace of mind to trappers and enhancing the effectiveness of trapping efforts.

Integration with the LV camera enables real-time monitoring of battery power for all connected devices, allowing users to proactively manage energy consumption and address any potential issues promptly. This feature enhances overall system visibility and enables proactive maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted trapping operations.

The use of carbon fiber in the solar panel construction enhances durability while keeping the weight low, making it suitable for various environmental conditions and ensuring long-term reliability in the field. Additionally, the compatibility with multiple devices and the ability to operate on both 6V and 12V systems increase the versatility of the JAGER PRO solar panel, catering to a wide range of trapping setups and requirements.

This technology saves fuel, time and labor allowing 24 hour surveillance without wasting daily travel time and expenses to multiple bait sites.


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