JAGER PRO® Do It Yourself (DIY) Conversion Kit


Convert any existing trap using our JAGER PRO® DIY Conversion Kit with a M.I.N.E.® Live Video Camera

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Product Description

Convert your existing trap to a JAGER PRO® Live Video Camera. The DIY Conversion Kit allows users to convert any trap to a video camera operated device. Now you may build a camera operated trap for any species as the electronic latch easily holds and releases gates weighing up to 1,100 pounds. View your trap site with streaming video through the JAGER PRO® mobile app and capture your target species by simply pressing a button on the app. Another example of JAGER PRO innovation helping farmers, landowners and Hog Control Operators™ become more efficient in the field regardless of the trap they currently own. We manufacture a JAGER PRO® “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Conversion Kit for every trap on the market.

Watch our video to view the simple installation, camera field of view, night illumination and an actual capture using our JAGER PRO camera and app on any trap.

  • 1 Control Box with 12-Volt Battery, T-Post Mount, Hand-Held Remote, U-Bolt Antenna Sleeve
  • 1 Power Cable (8 feet long)
  • 1 Electronic Latch with U-Bolt
  • 1 Live Video Camera Assembly

**For customization, please call 706-718-9789 xt.1

Conversion Kit Includes:
M.I.N.E.® Live Stream Camera [Verizon or AT&T] (includes 64GB SD card, SIM card and T-Post Camera Mount)
Camera battery box with 12 volt battery and cable
M.I.N.E.® Control Box with 12 volt battery, cable and onsite remote control with a 300+ yard range
NOCO Genius smart charger

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