M.I.N.E.® T-Post Camera Mount


The T-Post Camera Mount allows simple, secure camera mounting and positioning for the best field of view.


The collar and mounting wedge is made of galvanized aluminum while the camera bracket, ball head, set screw and thumb screw are made of solid metal construction. The ball joint allows 360 degrees of rotation and 90 degrees of tilt.


  • Fits both M.I.N.E.® Cam, I.C.E.® Cam, and any trail camera that has a camera mounting port on the bottom.
  • Durable lightweight construction
  • Integrated ball joint mount for flexible camera positioning
  • 1/4 x 20 threaded thumb screw for solid T-Post mounting


  • Never mount the M.I.N.E.® Cam on the same T-Post securing a trap panel or severe damage may result.
  • Always mount the M.I.N.E.® Cam on a separate 8 foot long T-Post at least 10 inches outside the trap enclosure.

T-Post Camera Mounting Instructions:

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