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All commands work but won’t receive pictures

With our older 3G and newer 4G cameras, MMS is most likely turned off on your phone. Check under settings, messaging, ensure MMS is turned on.

If you are not receiving photos on the mobile app, try these steps to resolve your issues.

Log out and back onto your app. Open your app, tap on Account > Log Out. Then log back in. If you have an Android, before logging back in, clear the cache. Open your phone settings > apps > JAGER PRO app > Storage. Clear the Cache, then Data. Log back in.

If the app doesn’t start downloading pictures;

Delete the app and re-install. If you have an Android, before re-installing, power cycle your phone to completely remove the app.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, contact support.

Last Update: 03.23.2021  

02.12.2020  Camera Troubleshooting

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