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Zeroing the Armasight Zeus Thermal Sight Scope is Simple

The Zeus has five buttons to navigate when operating through the menu mode and zeroing process:

  1. Up Button
  2. Right Button
  3. Down Button
  4. Left Button
  5. Center Button

When zeroing the Armasight Zeus III you will use the center button to select the main menu. Once you have the main menu up, you will tab down using the down arrow to boresight, use your main menu button to select boresight.

Adjusting the Scope for Impact

Once you have entered boresight you can move your crosshair up, down, left and right using the direction arrow keys. You will move the cross hair to your impact. For instance if I have a up impact, top left corner then adjust the reticle to the top left by clicking the left button and then the up button to adjust for the impact. Once you have the reticle on the impact then you can select exit using the main menu button and back out by going up to exit and pressing the center button on exit again.

Start out at 25 meters to ensure you are hitting the target, then back up to 50 meters to zero the scope.

  • To move the impact up use the down arrow.
  • To move the impact down use the up arrow.
  • To move the impact to the left use the right arrow.
  • To move the impact to the right use the left arrow.

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