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Scope Selection


I love it when a customer calls me and we talk for a few days about Thermal Scopes that are on the market. Most people just want me to put them in the scope that is going to fit their needs. Some want a scope with amazing clarity and capability that will set them up for great success and make their buddies a little jealous. When explaining what scope would fit the person best, nobody seems to take my advice about user friendliness or reading the manual. That does not bother me at all because it is simple to talk somebody through a scope, but it might save you a little frustration and heart ache if you take it slow.

REAP-IR Thumb Stick Controller


Let’s start with the amazing Reap-IR Mini thermal sight. This scope is like the McLaren P1 of the civilian scope world. It is compact, fast, and sensitive. The single thumb stick controller and two menus seems to make people turn it on and quickly lose control. One main reason for this is because if you hold the controller down for three seconds it will turn on. If you hold it for two seconds it will switch between the main menu and quick access menu. You should let go of the controller as soon as you see the menu change or the scope will turn off. Most people do not plan on recording video, so chances are you can set it up and sight it in one time in the main menu and only have to use the quick access menu in the field. The quick access menu has all the basics you will need when it counts. You can customize all 4 options to what you want but I personally like to have Reticle type, zoom, NUC / FFC calibration, and white hot/ black hot. With this set up you can turn your scope on, calibrate, flip your lens cap, and zoom in on your target in twelve seconds.

Comparison Video

Next month I will go into more detail on the REAP-IR and have a menu demonstration video soon. Check out the comparison video of the REAP-IR and Mark III 60mm.


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