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You can’t always foresee an issue that is fixing to happen, yet there are some signs that you can catch early on and resolve it before it does.

Gray Images or Bad Photos

Are you seeing photos that look like this one? There are some problems that could occur with these photos and writing them to the SD card, below is an example of what can happen as more photos are saved to the SD card. Your first picture will just have a portion of the photo grayed out until eventually the entire screen looks like an old TV screen with no signal.gray image

Sequential Photos

Here are some tips for reviewing pictures on the jagerprowireless website that you might be overlooking. Take a look at the photos you’re getting in, there is a stamp that shows the picture number, the newest photo is in the top left, the oldest in the bottom right. In the example below each photo has the same picture number (PICT 1-102-0). There is an issue with the camera writing to the SD card and could eventually lead to the problem with the gray photos. There is a simple fix for it.same numbers

The Fix

To fix these issues, the next time you are at your camera, turn it off, then back onto setup. Press menu and right arrow 2 times to system. Down arrow 4 times and highlight format, press OK then left arrow to highlight yes and press OK again. This will delete all the photos from your SD card and clear it out. Another fix is to replace the SD card in your camera.

Your next array of photos will come in properly showing an increase in number and resolve the current issue with your camera.sequential numbers

To prevent these issues is to format the SD card during initial setup. If you happen to notice any one of these while your camera is taking photos, get out there as quickly as possible to format or replace the SD card in your camera.

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